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Okay, so you want to know more about our wonderful islands huh? We're sure you will want to keep abreast of the Market. For example, when the new Casino opened it immediately started attracting buyer's to our gorgeous East End. Homes and Condos are selling briskly, and although prices are heading up, St. Croix prices are still the lowest in the Caribbean. We have a way to go to catch up to St. Thomas and St. John. Some condominiums, like Coakley Bay and Schooner Bay have seen sizeable increases in price and are still selling well. Buy now and enjoy the boom. Land, land, land. If you think you might want to build on a site overlooking the Caribbean we've got your lot. We also have plenty of good builders and architects in the US Virgin Islands to help you. Want a package? Click on the e-mail link (in bold blue letters). Hope to see you down here.  Email to:

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of living in the US Virgin Islands? Click here to find out

Will I have to quarantine my cat or dog? So far, there is no requirement. Perhaps there are some animals that need to be quarantined but not Fido and Sylvester. However, your little friend must have proof of his or her latest vaccinations.

Does it get cold in the US Virgin Islands? Come on, doesn't it get even a little cold? Don't think about going into the home heating business here. If you want a fireplace in your home you might want to consider air conditioning also.

Do I need an Island partner to own a business? Wrong place. Our neighboring islands are foreign countries. We are the good old USA with a zip code and all.

If you have another question please e-mail or call 1 800 511 6361 extension 305 (Julie) or 306 (Joe).  It will be our pleasure to answer.
Joe and Julie San Martin,